Our Team


Jackie Valett, MS

Executive Director & Founder

Jackie has over 7 years of STEM outreach experience, where she created, managed, and led K-12 virtual and in-person programs. Jackie has served as a college instructor and STEM teacher in the community.


Theresa Gillespie, PhD


Theresa is a Professor at a major medical school and has extensive experience in clinical oncology, clinical trials, and cancer research. Her research has focused on disparities experienced by urban underserved, rural, minority, and under-represented populations across the continuum of care. Theresa has over 5 years of STEM teaching and outreach experience.


Adam Marcus, PhD


Adam is a Professor at a major medical school and his laboratory studies how cancers metastasize with the goal of developing medicines that kill spreading cancer cells.  He co-founded two outreach programs and has over 10 years of STEM teaching experience.


RaEssa Coleman


RaEssa has extensive expertise in STEM Education, interrelationships between school systems and communities, and championing culturally responsive pedagogy. She is a progressive leader focused on diversity, access, and education equity