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Our Team


Jackie Valett, MS

Executive Director & Founder

Jackie has over 7 years of STEM outreach experience, where she created, managed, and led K-12 virtual and in-person programs. Jackie has served as a college instructor and STEM teacher in the community.


Theresa Gillespie, PhD


Theresa is a Professor at a major medical school and has extensive experience in clinical oncology, clinical trials, and cancer research. Her research has focused on disparities experienced by urban underserved, rural, minority, and under-represented populations across the continuum of care. Theresa has over 5 years of STEM teaching and outreach experience.


Adam Marcus, PhD


Adam is a Professor at a major medical school and his laboratory studies how cancers metastasize with the goal of developing medicines that kill spreading cancer cells.  He co-founded two outreach programs and has over 10 years of STEM teaching experience.

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