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Real science. Real research

Our classes are developed by researchers & customized through parental feedback. 

Each class has one instructor and at least three college-age mentors there to help. 

Curriculum: Be a Cancer Researcher!

-BIOLOGY: Students will spend the first half of each class learning about Big data,  cells, mutations, and  genes. During the second half of each class students will be placed in small groups with college mentors to review topics, talk about a pathway to STEM, and meet students with similar interests.


-RESEARCH: Students will learn how to access REAL cancer data and use data analysis tools to do their own research. They will work with their mentor and team to do research, and learn how to speak confidently about their findings.


-COMMUNICATION: Students will present what they learned in an informal research presentation, parents are encouraged to attend to see what their student has accomplished!

-MENTORSHIP: Students will also be guided by multiple college mentors who will assist during each class to help facilitate learning

Class Standard Policy:

Kinase Academy reserves the right to refuse or terminate service to students, parents, and guardians who do not follow our Class Standard Policy. Our Class Standards include professional communications, appropriate and inclusive behavior, and sensitivity to the needs of instructors and classmates. Inappropriate behavior (that does not meet our Class Standards) in any Kinase Academy-affiliated class or interaction includes but is not limited to: behavior intended to provoke, bully, demean, or cause harm to others, or to create conflict; or any other posts or interaction that Kinase Academy, in its discretion, believes to be unconducive to a respectful and welcoming community for all. 

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