Kinase Academy

Live online classes that teach real science & interactive research.

Developed by researchers, tested in the classroom, and unlike any other  program.

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I had a blast. Thank you for taking the time to teach us and provide us with insight on these few topics.


 Your weekly energetic greetings coupled with structured engaged lesson plans became a warm welcome that broke up the monotony of quarantine. By the third week, you can see a physical change in the his demeanor when it was time to log in for the class


 I have learned so much and it has helped me in school by helping me logically think. I am very interested in


Unlike any other

Virtual        Interactive       Real STEM      Mentorship


      Real Science 

We have >60 years of combined experience in real research and outreach. 


Each instructor-led class has at least one mentor to help your student throughout the program.


We strive to reach all students through Kinase Academy scholarships. & we encourage you to apply. 



Kinase Academy  Scholarships

Our goal is to make Kinase Academy open to everyone and offer scholarships to cover tuition. We encourage you to apply and we can work with you to make your child's educational experience happen.